Understanding Polyurea: What it is and how it can benefit you


What is Polyurea?

Polyurea can be described as an inert, elastomeric substance made by combining an isocyanate with a synthetic resin.

This sounds complex unless you are a chemist. So in layman's terms, Polyurea is one of the most effective protective coatings and it's flexible as well as highly adaptable. Even under extreme stress, it returns to its original form. Polyurea combines two potentially harmful chemical compounds to create a single, inert, and environmentally friendly product.

Facility owners use Polyurea for many purposes. These include joint sealants, linings, and protective coatings. For corrosion protection and resistance to abrasion, apply over concrete and steel. Polyurea offers many advantages over traditional materials in joint fill and caulk applications. Polyurea's fast setting, high elongation, durability/abrasion, and strength are some of its key advantages. Spraying Polyurea into pre-formed molds allows you to mold and shape it easily. You can also use Polyurea to protect expanded polystyrene's (EPS) hard coat protective shell for architectural molding fascia.

It is important to remember that Polyurea does not refer to a particular coating system or specification. It is a description of polymer technology. It's a wonderful technology that can be used in many formulations and has different physical properties. There are two types of polyureas: the PDA defines pure polyureas and hybrid polyurea systemsEach has its advantages and disadvantages.

Polyurea cannot solve all your joint fill or protective coating needs. It should be used in conjunction with the correct surface preparation, primers, manufacturer's material formulation, appropriate equipment, quality control inspection, and trained applicators.

Modern times call for modern technology.

Traditional coatings are often not eco-friendly. They can emit harmful gases for several days, sometimes even weeks, as they cure slowly. This is not only harmful to the environment to anyone around it, but it also causes prolonged downtime as the protective coatings cure.

Polyurea was developed to replace these coatings with a better quality alternative. Polyurea is an inert and highly durable system that can withstand the most severe environments heavy industry has to offer. It can cure almost immediately, in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days/weeks. It has better physical properties than other systems. It is suitable for almost any application.

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